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Custom Made Movie Memorabilia, Props, Costumes and More by Caliber Craft Props (fka Soulinertia)


m. Tiny Light-Up Infinity Gauntlet 1:6 scale


Each of these Tiny Infinity Gauntlets are made by hand and slush cast in resin with a gold powder coat. They are then weathered with a dark wash and added highlights. The lenses of each stone are formed with a translucent thermoplastic and coated with translucent ink. There is a LED module inside that can be activated with a twist action. I include a special tool to turn it on and off. Turn it to the right to turn it on and to the left to turn it off. All the way to the left to replace the batteries. You can display it alone or on your favorite one sixth scale figure! Unfortunately I have confirmation that it will not fit the hot toys Thanos figure without some major modifications. The opening is approx 1.5" in diameter and overall it's about 2.5" long. It looks pretty big on Star Lord though, lol. Orders will ship in 12-14 days as these are made to order. Any questions, just ask! Limited quantity. Please keep in mind that each one is custom made, so there may be some imperfections. These are fragile, for display only. Thanks for looking!

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