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Custom Made Movie Memorabilia, Props, Costumes and More by Caliber Craft Props (fka Soulinertia)


a. Grogu "Baby Yoda" Eyelids


These custom sculpted eyelids are for Sideshow's "Baby Yoda" (Grogu). They ship out in batches, so please be patient as I'm only able to get out about a dozen a week. The eyelids are cast in DragonSkin silicone and each set is hand painted. The lids merely stick to the eye, so no adhesive is necessary and they easily peel on and off. They come split into both upper and lower lids to give Grogu different expressions. I'm also including a nifty tin that features a mythosaur skull to store your eyelids when you aren't displaying them on on the figure itself. Orders typically ship within 2 weeks.

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